The Church isn’t meant to fill buildings with people, but to fill people with Christ.



feeling, exhibiting, or characterized by reverence; admiring, devoted, devout, dutiful, awed

9-Part Discipleship Track

The Journey to Becoming a Disciple Maker

The Bible isn’t a book about religion. It’s about a journey to a new kind of life.

As Christians, it’s not enough to merely believe in the existence of an historical figure, with that belief having no practical impact on your life. Rather, we’re all called to follow in the footsteps of the early church, embarking on a journey to mature in our faith and become disciple makers.

With over 20 years of collective experience, our team is compiling the I Am Reverent curriculum to help equip you for this life-changing journey.

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The Vision for I Am Reverent
Christianity isn’t a religion. It’s a way of life.

Have you ever read about the experiences and practices of the early church, then sat through a church service and observed an obvious disconnect? What originally began as a fellowship of believers focused on relational discipleship, evolved over the course of 2,000 years into a model of “doing church” for which we have very little biblical basis.

But maybe that’s the issue: We often boil down our Christian experience to a church service on Sunday morning. We don’t take responsibility for our own faith. We don’t live it out throughout the week in our everyday experiences. Instead, we put the onus on the pastor to tell us what to believe and how to live, content to sit by and listen, to consume, and to take no ownership over the faith we claim to live by. Ultimately, that’s the heart of the problem we’re facing as Christians today – we’ve spent our lives going to church, and missed the fact we’re supposed to become the Church.

One of the biggest problems with our Sunday-centric church culture is this dark little secret: It’s easy to be a Christian on Sunday. But being a Christian during the daily rigors of life? That’s the difficult part. If you really want to see lives transformed, and people equipped to become disciples of Christ, it needs to happen in the challenging moments of everyday life – outside the safety of our church walls. Because God doesn’t measure our lives based on how loud we sang on Sunday morning, or how well we listened to the pastor’s message. He measures our lives based on our response to His call to take on a new identity as a fully devoted disciple of Christ. For us, it’s saying I Am Reverent.

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It’s often all too easy to attend a church for years without ever being equipped to live out the call of a disciple. As consumers of church, we’re trained to go to a service, listen to the pastor speak, and rely on returning week after week to be filled with spiritual knowledge … which we rarely apply. But if all we ever do is consume, how can we ourselves ever expect to become true disciples?

Being a disciple is about learning to live as Christ lived, with the student learning to become like the teacher. Jesus promised to make His disciples fishers of men, which means He never intended they sit and observe Him forever – He was equipping them for a job to do. Although they had little more than their personal testimonies and the Old Testament Scriptures at their disposal, that’s all they needed to follow Jesus, spread the Gospel, and change the course of history. It’s time for us to join them on the journey to becoming disciple makers.

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A Track for those wanting to start the journey toward the spiritual maturity God intends for His followers, and gain a greater understanding of the practical elements of discipleship outlined in Scripture.

The Discipleship Track Includes:
  • I Am Reverent: The Journey to Becoming a Disciple Maker, the co-authored book from Shane Veinot and Afolarin Egbewande
  • 9-Part Video Curriculum
  • Digital Workbook & Study Guide
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What Should You Expect?

The 9 Topics Covered:

Why Do You Believe What You Believe?
Diagnosing the Problem
Reimagining Church
Uncovering the True Gospel
One Unified Story
Types & Shadows
The Journey Begins
Walking the Afflicted Path
Finishing the Race

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